Esercito is the new commercial brand of the Esercito Italiano, produced and distributed by Officina Italia srl. The brand is made up of the 5-pointed star which symbolically represents the characterizing values of the Army such as leadership, courage, spirit of sacrifice and unconditional service for the national community  and with the inscription “Esercito 1659” which brings back to the most ancient origins of the armed force, representing, in fact, a link between tradition and innovation The Officina Italia company of Carvico (BG) is the official licensee of the brand “Esercito 1659”.


Following the evolution of the market is crucial today. For this reason, a few years ago we decided to move towards emerging markets such as online and TV sales, specially by QVC Italia. This fact allows us to always be in contact with our customers, combining pure creation with a process of knowledge of our consumer.


Liquiid it’s a contemporary clothing line, that stands out for Italian Design, craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

Passion for fashion and research for natural and innovative textile fibers are our leitmotif.

Merging the latest trends with Italian style, our products are designed for the dynamic and style-consciuous woman in mind.

The brand has a focus on natural materials that mixed up with new fabric treatments, contemporary fibers, colors and prints.

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WE THINK. Our life is an adventure and so is our job: creating fashion. Peace Keeper is born, “the blue helmets” a fundamental chapter for a historical company in continuous evolution. 

WE OPERATE. Peace Keeper, a brand inspired by special bodies and all armed forces that use their peacekeeping skills.

SHARE. We share the profound message and arduous task that is carried out by the member countries of this union: to bring peace by avoiding conflict and discrimination.


The style of Officina della Moda clothing is without excess and for every occasion of use, articulated in trends and in the development of sizes. It pays attention to Italian creativity, the quality of materials, details and wearability, with particular attention to personalized service and with an always updated look at new technologies.


Astrofisica sportswear is born to attribute to our business a research always aimed at innovation and the future. Just as astrophysics studies the infinitely small and infinitely large, so our research leads to garments with attention to the smallest details, but with attention to the global image of the collection and beyond. We want to build products that make us travel with the mind while remaining down to earth. Our concept of fashion was born from a maxim By Albert Einstein: “do things in the simplest way possible but without simplifying.”


Via Privata Bernasconi 3, Sotto il monte Giovanni XXIII (BG) – 24039 – Italy


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Tel: +39 035 4388520  info@officinaita.it