The attention and sensitivity to environmental issues has grown exponentially in recent years.

Both individuals and companies are adopting an increasingly green approach as in everyday life as well as in business.

The world of fashion is also moving in this direction, proposing different ideas with an elegant design and products in eco-sustainable, recycled and reusable materials.

“I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want”.

Certificazione GOTS

The Global Textile Organic Standard (GOTS) was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture in order to guarantee the consumer that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with stringent environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from harvesting in the field of natural fibers to the subsequent manufacturing phases, up to the labeling of the finished product.


The first jacket entirely made with real parachutes used in the Italian Army mission. Each garment is a unique piece, handmade and tells a story. We thus reuse the parachutes discarded by the Army to obtain unique jackets of their kind, managing to obtain 6 to 8 jackets from each parachute.


Liquiid it’s a contemporary clothing line, that stands out for Italian Design, craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Passion for fashion and research for natural and innovative textile fibers are our leitmotif. Merging the latest trends with Italian style, our products are designed for the dynamic and style-consciuous woman in mind. The brand has a focus on natural materials that mixed up with new fabric treatments, contemporary fibers, colors and prints.


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